Australian professor donates ultrasound machine to Harare Central Hospital


David Gracey, the Australian professor from Sydney University donated an ultrasound machine to Harare Central Hospital. The hospital did not have such a machine and it will go a long way in the administration of first class treatment.

Dr Gracey, who is also a physician at Royal Prince Albert Hospital in Sydney is known for nephrology (kidney) research and has been active in Zimbabwe. Through the International Society of Nephrology he is responsible for various programs that have been developed in this country.

The ultrasound machine, sourced from Toshiba, that he donated to Harare Central will


help guide biopsies, diagnose heart conditions and assess damage after a heart attack,

as the clinical director at Harare Central Hospital, Mr Vera put it. The ultrasound machine will help in the performance of various other scans and diagnoses.

Getting the machine through customs in Harare was difficult as Dr Gracey’s husband shared on LinkedIn, which I do not understand. I understand that there are security and various other concerns but why make it difficult for someone to help thousands of Zimbabweans.

As Zimbabweans we are grateful for people like Dr Gracey but we do not want to have to wait for good-hearted people like him. The average price of ultrasound machines is around $115,000 and an E-class benz costs over $50,000, both prices being before shipping and for the car also before Zimra’s cut. You wonder why we were buying these cars for public servants whilst Harare Central Hospital had no ultrasound machine.

Some low end ultrasound machines cost as little as $25,000 and right there goes whatever excuse the government could have. This skewing of priorities is an African problem even as the Ugandan government bought an $88,000 porn detection machine when there is no functional radiotherapy machine in the country.

Can the government do more to provide Zimbabweans with better healthcare? I believe they can. For now we are thankful for what a foreign individual has done, and we truly are grateful but this should stir the government to action. We also have some famed ‘millionaires’ who brag and boast on social media who could get involved too.


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