iPhone X Coming To Zimbabwe. Get Your Kidneys Ready…


Apple iPhones have been known to cost an arm and a leg in Zimbabwe. When the price of the iPhone X was gained by Techzim recently, after picking ourselves up from the floor, we realised that maybe, just maybe, this was a phone not for us.

Scheduled to launch on 3 November, 2017 around the world, Solution Centre, one of the few accredited Apple resellers have listed the iPhone X to be going for a whopping US$3,200. That’s just about the prices of an ex-Japanese car from BeForward, landed in Harare or as some would like to refer to it – ‘a kidney’.

Yes, there may be talk of the cost of US dollars and shipping to Zimbabwe, not forgetting the taxman in the form of ZIMRA who’d want their slice of the cake too. But a whole $2,050 premium on top? (The iPhone X will be retailing for $1,149 network unlocked in the USA). This even after Solution Centre stopped credit sales and required that customers pay upfront?


Yeah, yeah, I know, there’s a cash crisis and this is the way for businesses to safeguard themselves and stay in business. If I’m not happy with this I should just buy the phone myself from the US and have it delivered.

I hear you.

But gentlemen (and ladies) surely there’s a problem here. It may not be Solution Centre or is it? Seeing that the RBZ stated that your money in the bank can get you US dollars at 1:1, maybe Solution Centre didn’t get the memo.

All the same, the cost of imported goods will go up seeing that demand for forex is ever increasing and products/services that don’t rank highly on the RBZ’s priority list will have to find other ways to source their cash.

Will our new Minister of Finance, Ignatius Chombo, step up to the plate and reign in the ‘indiscipline’ in the economy? Will he make it easier for businesses to access foreign currency in order for them to carry on operating viably? Will he look into bringing in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and with it much needed forex? Will he work on Zimbabwe as a nation increasing its exports?

Or, will he, like his predecessor, fold his hands and say that he doesn’t know a thing about all of this because he’s not there?


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