It is time you got rid of your Windows Phone (Lumia), Microsoft confirms it’s dead


Windows Phone is dead. This is not a joke on the low market share Windows Phone has in the smartphone industry dominated by Android and iOS. Microsoft, the company behind the smartphone operating software has literally given up the ghost.

In all we are going to discuss the takeaway should be, GET RID OF YOUR WINDOWS MOBILE OS-RUNNING PHONE. Those Lumias, the Microsoft branded phones, get rid of them.

Windows Phones are running mostly on Windows Phone 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile with the latter being the latest version of the software.


Back in July, this year, Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows Phone 8.1 and confirmed no support of any kind would be given. They ditched Windows Phone 8.1 in favour of Windows 10 Mobile which they hoped would bring the fight to Google and Apple.

Users of Windows Phone 8.1 and earlier versions are living dangerously because Microsoft announced that there will be no updates or support forthcoming. We still have a sizable number of Windows Phone users in Zimbabwe and it is worrying because they are open to a lot of risks. In January this year Windows Phone had about 4.55% market share in this country, more than iOS had at 2.64%.

When Microsoft announced the end of support for Windows Phone 8.1 experts expected support for Windows 10 Mobile to continue for two years at least but they couldn’t have more wrong. Windows 10 Mobile lasted only three months after the death of Windows Phone 8.1.

Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore who is responsible for the mobile OS tweeted this,

Of course we’ll continue to support the platform.. bug fixes, security updates, etc. But building new features/hw aren’t the focus.

Windows 10 Mobile will not be receiving any new features. They will support the platform with security updates and bug fixes but have given up improving or updating the software. They will only support the platform a while longer as a service to their few customers but it won’t be long until even that is ended just like in Windows Phone 8.1’s case.

So as it stands there is no development on any Windows Mobile OS, just bug fixes for the latest OS. This is not that surprising if you consider that there haven’t been any new devices for over two years. Microsoft hasn’t pushed out new hardware in over two years and as the above tweet says, they are not looking to change that.

If you have a phone running Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier versions you need to treat this as urgent and make sure you move over to Android or iOS. This is especially important in this day when we are moving online more and more. Banks are pushing people to internet banking and mobile banking and you do not want to be transacting using a phone that hasn’t received any security updates in ages.

If you have a Windows 10 Mobile phone time is ticking. Security updates will be halted in the not too distant future. Start working on finding a replacement.

RIP to a fallen comrade, Windows Mobile, 2010-2017.


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